S P R I N G - S U M M E R // 2 0 2 4

Together we so rock

LUNELAUTRE was founded in 2016 by best friends and
soulmates, Britt, Julie & Mich. In all aspects of life – going from food,
to architecture and fashion – they share a common love for purity, simplicity
and quality. Something they translated to their multibrand store in Edegem,
bringing elegant, effortless and timeless women’s fashion.


Their dream team expanded over the years, with Carine &
Annick joining the LUNELAUTRE family. Together they didn’t only successfully
develop their offline business, but also passionately grew their online
presence. This resulted in the creation of their own online shop, making the
iconic LUNELAUTRE style available for all those fashion lovers that just live
too far away. Without compromising on personal service and shopping experience,
the goal is to guide their online customers as much as possible.


To sum it up: a close little family of passionate
souls with a soft spot for edgy but timeless fashion, who LOVE to have YOU
around, both offline and online. ❤